Farm Stay Refresher

Farm Stay Refresher

27 February, 2019

Ann Marina


  1. Eyeshadow Makeup
    16 Jan, 2019
    How To Get The Most From The Lessons
    You may be tempted to jump ahead or randomly pick a tutorial that's interesting. However, following the tutorials in the correct order will help you understand everything much better and may even give you some additional information if you are experienced in makeup application.
  2. coffee, ideas and inspiration
    02 Jan, 2019
    Why Another Beauty, Makeup and Lifestyle Blog?
    I love makeup and beauty and have been in the industry for over 20 years.  During this time I've noticed untrained Beauty 'Influencers' and 'Enthusiasts' popping up and I'm stunned at some of the rubbish out there on the net! Now it's time for Professional advice.
  3. MAC Cosmetics logo
    24 Apr, 2019
    Why MAC Cosmetics Aren't That Popular Anymore
    In the beginning When MAC was first created by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in Toronto Canada in 1984, it was specifically made for the professional makeup artist, models and photographers.  Frank Tosko was himself a photographer and makeup artist and Frank Angelo a beauty salon owner. They were frustrated as there wasn't much makeup around that provided the colour and finish that professionals need, especially in front of the camera. Fellow professionals soon caught onto the excellent
  4. 17 Apr, 2019
    3 Months Before The Big Day - Pre Wedding Prep
    Not only a wedding but for Proms, Balls a romantic interlude or any Special Occasion
  5. Extract 2 from "15 Top Tips for the Best Selfies Ever! ebook
    03 Apr, 2019
    Extract 2 from "15 Top Tips for the Best Selfies Ever! ebook
    Chapter 8 KEEP THE MYSTERY    Try a natural look. Do not add too many filters at a time. You can take a picture of yourself as the outside world always sees you, but taking a snapshot of yourself with bedhead or minimal makeup can give the illusion that you're giving your social media followers a glimpse at the “real you.” This can be both interesting and sexy.
  6. Extract 1 from "15 Top Tips for the Best Selfies Ever! eBook"
    20 Mar, 2019
    Extract 1 from "15 Top Tips for the Best Selfies Ever! eBook"
    Chapter 3 ANGLE THE ANGLE Instead of taking the picture head-on, try different angles to show off your best features. If you turn your head a little to the right or left, your features will appear less flat.  Unless your face is perfectly balanced, a straight on photo can be harsh.
  7. Top Tip #001
    13 Mar, 2019
    Top Tips #001 to #010
    Top Tips you will find helpful !! #001 Be careful when spraying on perfumes, don't get any on you're face as it will ruin your foundation.
  8. acupressure points
    13 Feb, 2019
    10 Minute Acupressure Facelift
    Learn a simple facial toning program that you can do at home to revitalise the facial muscles and actually tone your whole face. No need for needles, pain or expensive cosmetic surgery.
  9. woman with powder brush
    30 Jan, 2019
    10 Reasons To Wear Makeup, 7 Reasons Not To
    1. Women (and some men) mostly use makeup to highlight good features and mask imperfections. 2. To create contrast.  In particular, science has found a high-contrast face appears more feminine, and makeup is used to play up this feminine contrast to improve the overall appearance of health, youth, and sexual appeal.  High contrast is achieved by contouring and highlighting cheekbones, jaw, nose etc. 3. It provides protection from the weather. In cold weather it’s a