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In Beauty, Makeup, Natural skincare and health.  Bridal, boudoir, special occasion and specialising in film, TV, music Videos', photographic etc.  Wardrobe & Light Hairstyling also available .
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Blogging about natural healthy beauty, skincare and. makeup. Free Makeup Lessons - learnhow to do it right from a professional!!
Since childhood I've always wanted to be a hairdresser and also 'do' makeup.  Eventually in 1995, now married with two young children
and more time on my hands (really?) I decided to follow my childhood dream.

I soon realised becoming a hairdresser would take a few years training so I decided  by becoming an Esthetician (Beauty Therapist), which included Makeup Artistry,  I could complete a full time course a lot quicker and still be in the personal care field, which is what I wanted.

I graduated with Honours (top of the class...phew!)
Following graduation, I opened a Beauty Salon (Spa to my American friends) in the up-market suburb of Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia offering Beauty Therapist (Esthetician) services and Make Up application. The salon was very successful and soon expanded so that I eventually employed two more Beauty Therapists and Make Up specialists.

I then expanded my Makeup services by studying and obtaining a Diploma in Makeup Art ad Design.  This gave me extra trining in specialist services such as TV, movies, professional photography and special effects. 
As the years passed, I divorced and life changed in many ways which included selling the Salon. At that time I decided I wanted to add more to my services in the personal care field so I decided to study and became employed as a counsellor in women's health and weight loss using Chinese herbal medicines. 
This was a rewarding time that helped me to provide for myself and children and also gave me added skills in helping find the beauty within, on many levels.
With good health comes glowing skin and vitality - a distinct advantage when applying makeup and seeing the beautiful benefits as a result I`ve found over the years the cosmetic industry has been inventing and producing more and more products for us .....that we just HAVE to have....and in these `unbelievable results` products are filled with chemicals.

I started to wonder, as we grow older, is there any long term damage from all of these chemicals?     hmmmmm food for thought......

Anyhooo, back to my story.  I found counselling very enjoyable and rewarding, but I still had my passion for Beauty and Make Up and decided to return and freelance as a mobile artist and therapist - now adding my experiences in womens' health and well-being.
Which brings you up to date on my personal journey. 

Now, I still `do` makeup on occasion with select clients and I`ve also decided it`s a good time to wind down a little and take the time to share what I`ve learnt from all of that experience. I want to share, give back and hopefully help people with lessons, advice and tips on natural beauty, makeup and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

And so my Blog was born........ 

The makeup and beauty advice/lessons also came about because of the increase of `Beauty Influencers` I`ve noticed all over Instagram, YouTube etc and honestly, some of the advice they give has made me gasp in disbelief......and on some occasions I was very worried about what they advise!

I admire the `Beauty Influencer` enthusiam and I respect their passion and how much they want to help people, but without professinal training from an accredited school, they really aren`t qualified in any way - just enthusiastic and passionate hobbyists.

I hope to set everthing right with professional advice , lessons and common sense

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AnnM xo

Happy Clients

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    ...L'Oreal of Paris would very much like to thank you for all your help and assistance with hair shows and demonstrations throughout the year...we look forward to working with you again..." Barrie Hendry
    Technical Advisor L'Oreal
  2. 2
    ...Very convincing (make up). Good job Ann... Pierre Langenegger, Script Writer
    'interrogator' Short movie
  3. 1
    ...basically the coolest thing I have ever been a part of...thanks to Ann-Marina for the amazing make up! Sammi Chips Douglas - Model
    'The Joker' professional photo shoot
  4. 5
    ...awesome special effects for my Halloween party!! Everyone was commenting and I could really see the difference between my professional makeup compared to those that did it themselves....so cool and I highly recommend Ann-Marina for party makeup...
    DH Perth Western Australia
  5. 4
    ...on behalf of the beneficiaries, Appealathon Foundation and all of us at Channel Nine Perth, a very big and sincere THANK YOU... Michael Mitchell
    Appealathon & Marketing Manager
  6. 3
    ...Ann did a spectacular job...! Michael Riecken Director/Producer
    'Interrogator'' short movie