Professionally Trained and Qualified

Makeup Artist | Esthetician | Hair Stylist

With over 20 years experience

Why choose a Professional Make Up Artist?

There are many untrained makeup artists around offering makup services. Some also call themselves `Beauty Influencers' or `Enthusiasts` but no matter what title they give themselves, they are not trained professionals. 

They're usually young women (or men) who have only applied makeup to themselves and maybe a few friends, but they don`t have the training nor experience to know how to apply makeup correctly. Or they may be working for a direct sales cosmetics company that has given them training in that companys` particular products - usually trained by a sales person, not a professional makeup artist.

I admire their enthusiasm and respect their passion and how much they want to help people, but without professional training from an accredited school they really aren't qualified in any way - just enthusiastic and passionate hobbyists.

If you were going out to an expensive restaurant would you expect an enthusiastic and passionate cook to prepare your meal? (which I'm sure would taste delicious) or a fully qualified and professionally trained Master Chef?

I know what I would prefer !!

Professional Makeup Application
The big difference is that a professional makeup artist is trained in putting makeup on other people, to enhance beauty, balance features, cover blemishes, create characters - they know every different skin type, face shape, skin problems and many many more things. 

Their hard work is recognised in the movie industry where they are awarded Academy Awards, in the TV industry where they receive
Emmys, applauded in theatre productions worldwide and also in the art world.....

It takes quite a bit of study and practice to Master the Art of Makeup

As a Diploma Qualified make up artist and beauty therapist I am a friendly, dedicated, committed professional with:

  • Professional Industry Training
  • Diploma Level Qualifications
  • Trained in OH&S to industry standards and follow the all important hygiene practices:
    •  Sterilised brushes, sponges and equipment
    • Only FDA, EU and Australian standard cosmetics, makeup and face paints are used.
  • Strict work ethics, honesty and integrity
  • A good sense of humour! 

You can book with confidence with Ann-Marina !