Makeup Lessons

Learn to apply makeup like a Professional

Have you been following the YouTube tutorials and Blogs of beauty enthusiasts and found no matter how much you tried, it just doesn't look as good on you as it does on them?  This is because they mostly teach you how to apply makeup based on their own face shape, skin tone, eye shape etc. not yours.

Or they suggest the latest colour pallette or products that they're being paid to promote, not what's best for you personally !! 

You're going to find these lessons different to what you have
learnt before if you have been a follower of YouTube beauty enthusiasts.

These lessons are how professionally trained makeup artists apply makeup.  They first assess what your face shape, skin tone, eye shape is and then decide the best makeup application that will flatter you and bring out your best features, what is best for you

I admire the enthusiasm of beauty influencers, respect their passion and how much they want to help people, but without professional training from an accredited school they really aren't qualified in any way - just enthusiastic and passionate hobbyists.
A professional makeup artist knows every different skin type, face shape, skin problems and many many more things.  Their hard work is recognised in the movie industry where they are awarded Academy Awards, in TV where they recieve Emmys', Golden Globes,  in Theatre productions worldwide and also in the art world.

  It takes quite a bit of study and practice to Master the Art of Makeup
As a professional Makeup Artist, I’ve worked on movies, music videos, fashion shows and with many personal clients for Bridal makeup, Special Occasion, Boudoir, Special Effects etc.
So put aside what you have learnt so far and be prepared to see
the difference in learning from a professional.
I’m sharing my professional  knowledge and experience with you in Workbooks and Video Tutorials for you to learn everything you need to know, at your own pace. Each Workbook is easy to read and every Video is set out in simple terms.  Both have many diagrams and examples and I highly recommend you follow them in numbered order to get your best learning experience.
If you have any questions you can message me here or join my Facebook Group where I'll answer all questions personally in a supportive friendly environment.
.Having over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I have a lot to share..... AM XO

All lessons are free with free support in my Facebook Group   One on one consultations are available free of charge, these will be on Skype at a pre arranged time. Please send a message or comment in the Facebook Group to arrange a time.

Module 1.  Find Out About You
Knowing your skin type, colour etc is a good starting point before applying makeup. This way you know  what products are right for your skin, face shape and other factors and your makeup flatters you, helping your good features stand out
​101  What Skin Type Are You?                                           
​​102  What Skin Tone Are You?                                          

103  Determine Your Face Shape                                    
104  Which Eyebrow Shape Is Best For You?             
105  How To Find Your Perfect Eyeshadow Colour   
106  How To Find Your Perfect Blush Colour              ​ 
107  How To Find Your Perfect Lipstick Colour             
108  Choose The Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone        
Module 2.  Know Your Cosmetics 
and Save Money
By knowing what products are available, how they're made and what they are for, you will save money by buying only what you need. You won't be persuaded by sales staff or 'special deals' to buy something that doesn't suit you - shop like an expert and with confidence!
201   Primers Concealers Correctors                           
202   Foundations & Facepowders                               
203   Bronzers Blushers Highlighters                           
204   Eyebrows Eyeliners Mascaras                              
205   False Eyelashes                                                        
206   Eyeshadows                                                                
​207   Lipsticks Lipgloss Lipliners                                      
Module 3.  Tools for Makeup Mastery
Become an expert on what you need and how to use them. Learn about what to look for and purchase good quality tools. 
​301    Your new #BFF - The Colour Wheel                  
​302    Your Expert Guide To Brushes                          
​303    Lighting  For Your  Makeup Artistry                        
​304    The Best - Eyelash Curlers & Tweezers                 
​305     Sponges, Beauty Blenders, Powder Puffs        
Module 4.  Applying Makeup Like a Professional
All that you've learnt so far now comes together and you can apply your makeup like a professional.  
​401  How To Apply Natural/Day Makeup  
​402  Apply  Evening, Winged/Cat and Smokey Eye
​403  Long Lasting Bridal/Special Occasion Makeup
​404  Contouring with Blusher, Bronzer & Highlighter  
​405  Shape and Contour Eyebrows Like a Pro                             
​406  How to Conceal and Colour Correct                                                                          (includes Tattoo Coverup )
​407  Apply Eyeshadow and Liner for your
          Face/Eye Shape   
408  How to Apply and Curl False Eyelashes                                 
​409  Contour and Apply lipliner and Lipstick                                
​410 Apply Foundation for Dry, Oily, Mature                            (and more) Skin
Module 5.  Looking After Yourself -
Skincare & Beauty
​​You can spend a lot of money on makeup, but if you don't look after your skin correctly, you're makeup won't look it's best and won't last through the day/night. Your hard earned cash will be wasted.
​501   Skin Nutrition for Healthy Glowing Skin  
​502   Cleansing, Deep Cleaning and Facials                     
​503   Remedies for Acne, Rosacea & Pimples                   
​504   All About Toning & Exfoliation     
​505   All About Extraction (Steaming) and Masks           
​506   All About Moisturisers & Night Creams               
​507    The Finishing Touch - Manicure & Pedicure    

Advanced Lessons and Special Topics

Here are some eBooks with extra info to helo you learn about the Art of Makeup

They cover more specialosed areas and advanced techniques that are found in the Lessons

​If you have anything in particular that you`d like to learn about please contact me or comment in my Facebook Group

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